So, as with anything Erfworld, there are similar parallels between people from there and from "our" world. King Dickie, Prince Haggar, and of course numerous casters and characters of all kinds have eerie resemblances to figures we all know. This, coupled with the fact that we just plain haven't seen certain types of casters, got me to thinking. "What would other Croakamancers look like? We've only ever seen Wanda." And that stretched to "How about Weirdomancers? Or Retconjurers? Heck, how about I just go ahead and draw some? And while I'm at it, I'll do all the others too." And so here we are. I plan on going through each caster type and whipping up a few new residents of Erfworld including, of course, the prime example character from each if they exist. So far I've completed:

  • Croakamancers
  • Dirtamancers
  • Foolamancers
  • Thinkamancers
  • Predictamancers

See if you can guess who is who. The answers will be poster in the accompanying forum thread.

Next up are the Dollamancers.


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