Things can get ugly fast... especially faces.



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    • No one in particular

      Well, THAT'S an image to haunt one's nightmares.

      • MGII

        Can he survive this? I deeply want him to survive. He got so much more things to fail in his life yet.

        • Knott

          Oh, dear... It's hard to stop laughing!

          Fortunately for Gib though, his loss of a good portion of his frontal lobe means that he'll be less able to intuitively understand the consequences of his current actions; knowing what is a good or bad course of action. He'll be unable distinguish between socially acceptable and unacceptable responses and be generally awkward and manually clumsy. So really no change there. wink

          Unfortunately there's bound to be some short-trem memory loss, so he'll have to relearn everything from his first turn.tongue-out

          • chorpler

            He should be fully healed at the start of turn, right? Like that horribly burned decrypted unit who helped save Parson at the end of Book 2 presumably was. Unless this counts as being incapacitated, but he seems fine. Heh.  I am totally loving Gib so far.

            • Knott

              Of course he's automagically healed at the start of next turn. His prefrontal cortex was obviously not that important to him to begin with!laughing

              • Knight13

                Apparently Gib's name was somewhat prophetic...

                • charles


                  I'm reminded of this from Thunt's Goblins


                  • dholm

                    First is probably, "Who turned the light off?"


                    Not sure about the other. "I feel funny"?

                    • Sir Dr D

                      I would not want this guy leading me in battle.

                      This has been a funny series of strips.  I like the emotions on the two soldiers in the  second last panel.

                      • OneHugeTuck

                         "Does it look bad?"

                        "It looks bad, huh."


                        • The Rats



                          pretty sure the 2nd one is "I SOUND funny"

                          • chorpler

                            I'm a little unclear on what happened in the second row (panels 4-6). Obviously he dropped his sword, like his helmet before it, but where did HE go that the two soldiers couldn't see him, and then had to help him back over the wall?

                            • Spruce

                               He used the same superpower as any action hero ever who fell off an cliff, tall building or the edge of the world. :)

                              • chorpler

                                I wondered if maybe he was standing there waiting to notice, like Wile E. Coyote when he steps off a cliff and doesn't realize it at first, but that didn't seem very plausible, since it sure seems like he noticed the long drop in panel 2. And he didn't seem to have actually fallen, since the poor traumatized guard below would probably be even MORE traumatized if his new warlord had smacked into the ground in addition to the helmet and sword.

                                • ShaneTheBrain

                                  Start-of-Turn will heal that right off. No worries.

                                  • cu

                                    Deadpan, clumsy, curious Gib never fails to crack me up, he might as well have been called Keaton or Bean. Comedy gold! laughing

                                    Is Benidom a coastal city?

                                    Ossom work, keep'em coming, please.