Can you guess them all?


Have a bonus:

It had to be done.


(Note: user received 35 Shmuckers for this post -Rob)


    • Brother Mirtillo

      I've got Spicer, Skellington, and Apple -- which was a heckuva way to finish. You succeeded in a joke that even Jack thought was bizarre. (It took me another couple of minutes to decipher the double dose of Al in a geometric container.)

      Great art overall -- formal smoothness, scruffy crinkles, lots of sharp appearances!

      • Amit

        Samurai Jack FTW!

        • DrunkMonkGar

          1: Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas. 2: Handsome Jack, Borderlands. 3: Jack Spicer, Xiaolin Showdown. 4: Jack, Samurai Jack. 5: Jack the Ripper? Real life. 6: Apple Jack, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


          Bonus: Jack-in-the-box and Prince Albert in a can.

          • Anomynous 167

            @DrunkMonkGar: Could of swarn the 3rd one was Jak from Jak 3 of the Jak and Dexter franchise.

            Also caught the Samurai

            • DrunkMonkGar

              @Anomynous 167: Nah, I looked up some concept art to show in case you were unfamiliar with the jerk, here, and I'm certain I got that one right.

              • Squall83

                Wow. I didn't get any of those right except for Applejack. XD Because I don't know any of the others. I just blindly assumed that one of them had to be Jack Sparrow, but looks like I was wrong. And the only Handsome Jack I know is the Bloodwheel one from Rock 'n' Roll Racing.

                But I really should have gotten the Jack in a box one, because I was thinking "hm, maybe this is Jack contemplating on how to get out so he could think outside the box". Because it's what Hamster taught him.

                I love your riddles. They were fun to try, even though I didn't know most of them, and I really had to laught at the MLP reference. Good job, the Shmuckers are well deserved!

                • ElvenAvariel

                  @Brother Mirtillo: Thank you so much! *warm fuzzies*

                  @DrunkMonkGar: Good job, Gar. You get a cookie. And 42 brownie points ^_^.

                  @Anomynous 167: That woulda been a neat one, but I'm not all that familiar with the Jak & Daxter series.

                  @Squall83: I almost did Jack Sparrow, but I thought his outfit would be too complex and annoying. Turns out Handsome Jack's outfit was just as annoying -_-

                  @ArtyD: The only one that comes to mind right off the bat is Jill Valentine. ^_^ Don't think I could come up with another 5.