Roadkill Rivals is a fast paced set collecting game by Pygmy Giraffe Games, that is on Kickstarter from now until Aug. 20th, 2015.  The goal of the game is to make roadkill by running over animals with vehicles by drawing cards from the shared freeway.  The game can accommodate 2-6 players.


While I cannot condone running over animals in real life, this quick, light-hearted, little game is a great way to start an evening of gaming, or as a transition between heavier games, but also can stand up on it's own accord.


I have made videos that cover a rules overview, a preview/review, and a play through, which can be found on Stay Geeky's YouTube channel.


Direct links to the videos are..


The Rules Overview:


The Preview/Review:


And the Play Through:


The Kickstarter can be found at, as well as the link in each of the videos' description.


Also, you can check out all my other videos on Stay Geeky's YouTube Page:


And always remember to STAY GEEKY!


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