First he was nothing. And then he was something. His polished shoes hit the floor first. His chest and legs formed next. At the same time, black dress pants and a dark purple button-down shirt formed around them. His new heart was beating very quickly and he realized that he could see out of his new eyes. He found that he couldn’t seem to breathe no matter how hard he tried. Then something gently brushed the back of his legs.


That did it.


He gasped his first breath and started to fall forward. His new arms reached out and his descent stopped dead as his cane hit the floor. Loudly. He could hear! He moved past that and wondered what had hit him.


Oh… he thought, my trench coat…


After that first moment of fear, the second feeling of his life was embarrassment. His heart hadn’t calmed down yet. In fact, it felt like it was beating even faster. Not a good start for a caster.


Caster? Right… croakamancer. That’s right… Name? Title? Keeper Wallie Underground.


Then he heard another gasp. This time it didn’t come from him, but from across the room. His head jerked up. TITANS! My poor heart is going to explode!


There. Two figures. Two faces. Both staring right at him. One was grinning up on his left. The other was looking at him in astonishment on his right. His Chief Warlord and his Overlord, respectively. He reflexively averted his gaze. He felt himself shrink under their scrutiny. He had to ignore it. He needed to focus on something else.


Overlord, his mind caught on that word. Overlord of…? That’s right. His side. His side was called Underworks. They had only one city, the level two capital also called Underworks. They were a new side it seemed.


Wallie gripped the top of his cane with both hands, the knuckles going white. He leaned heavily on it and hunched over, trying desperately to lose their attention.


When he glanced back up at them, his Overlord’s face was one of pure hatred. His eyes pierced into Wallie’s and it felt like it blew right through the back of his head. Wallie hadn’t thought it possible to collapse on his cane any more than he already had. Boy was he wrong.


His heart had just started beating. Painfully, but it just started. Wallie waited to collapse further and he was ready to feel the last few beats of his heart. He felt that he would be nothing again VERY soon. A shame, really.


Well, he thought sullenly, I had a good run. At least I had a FEW minutes of life.


End Part 1