Author's note: This Kickstarter was cancelled. I still believe strongly in the design of the game, but the links to the Kickstarter below are moot now.
NOTE: BowenTheKotoc is not the project's creator. He's just a big fan of this MMO and has been an Erfworld reader since the start. He's also a regular in the #Erfworld IRC channel. Bowen has been playing video games since the 80s and MMOs since Asheron's Call, and he really wants to see this one get made! He was awarded 25 Shmuckers for this post. -Rob
Trials of Ascension's video poster

     If you read Erfworld, you might like video games. If you like video games, you might like MMOs. If you like MMOs, you might have noticed that the most popular recent ones tend to follow the same treadmill formula: You create a character of a certain class, go out into the world, get some quests, and kill some things to level up so that you can go to a new area and do the same thing over again, but with new scenery and things to kill. The goal is usually to get to the end game content, the raiding. But even there, you go through a static, never changing dungeon that hundreds or thousands have been through before to get slightly better gear than what you currently have so you can progress to another dungeon with even better gear to get to another dungeon, etc. Eventually the gamers with the most time have seen all the content and are stuck at the top with nothing to do until the next expansion comes out.

     Maybe you're fine with that model, and that's okay, it is the most successful MMO model currently on the market. But maybe you're dissatisfied with the current model and wish there was another way; a way where your character can have a real impact on the game world, where you can experience unique content that only you will see, where there is real risk to your character so there is a greater weight to all of your actions.

     Trials of Ascension is that way. The developers are fans of old school MMOs like Ultima Online, and are trying to build a game where you don't experience the content, but influence and create it; where RP isn't enforced but happens naturally as a result of the game mechanics. They opened a store on their website and raised enough money from their fans to build a prototype of the full game. I donated enough via their store that I got to help test and experience that prototype and I can unequivocally say that they can deliver on what they promise if they reach their Kickstarter funding goal. I'm just doing my part to spread the word to give the KS the best chance it can have since I want to play this game as much as the developers want to make it.

     Here's the link to visit the Kickstarter: (Yes, that is a referral link and I will get points in their referral contest if you click it, I have no shame. ;) )

     Here's the link to their Game World Guide that describes all their features better than I could: (Did I mention the human character progression is totally skill based - no classes - or that you could play as a freaking DRAGON???? How about that human characters can cooperate to make settlements?)

     And here's some shots from their prototype to whet your appetite:



(This is a playable race in the game, by the way - Raknar. They're a ton of fun to play already and can go up and down any surface like the Aliens in the AvP games.)



     Thanks for reading and I hope you will consider pledging or at least sharing the link above to help make this game a reality!


    • Malfallax

      Well I looked into that a bit, and I gotta say except for a couple details with the innovations it sounds absolutely awesome.

      Unfortunately when I look on youtube most 'news' are a year old or older, and I find quite a lot of stuff/people saying that this is the third or fourth kickstarter they do - which, understandably, makes quite a lot of people say that it is one huge scam.


      • BowenTheKotoc

        @Malfallax: There is a dedicated group of individuals who have some kind of personal grudge against Forged Chaos and have been spreading lies about them to try to convince people this game is a scam. That is definitely not the case. They did one previous Kickstarter in Oct. of 2013. That Kickstarter was not successful, so no money was taken from any pledgers. Afterwards the development team decided to raise money through a store on their website to fund a technical demo of the game, that they could then showcase during a second kickstarter to prove that they were capable of building the game they said they could. They had a clear roadmap of progress for the demo that they kept updated during development. The website stated that any money spent on the store would be considered donations and that digital rewards might never be available if the game never came out. They did have several nice physical items that they delivered promptly. They raised enough money to complete their demo (which I've played, so I know it exists ;) ), and now they're trying a second kickstarter since they have the completed demo to show off.

        • Knightclass

           The idea looks cool, but a studio that's never made a game before isn't going to raise $600,000 on Kickstarter.  It doesn't seem like a scam, but it is a totally unrealistic funding goal.  

          • BowenTheKotoc

            @Knightclass: You're probably right. I guess they were hoping that they could get enough momentum from news coverage and their fans spreading the word that they'd reach the critical mass they need to achieve success, but it looks like they were way too optimistic. Still, no harm in pledging if you like the idea - you get the money back if the project is unsuccessful. If it does make it by some miracle then you've helped fund an awesome game. If you personally aren't interested in the idea, I hope you will share it with your friends who might be. :) Thanks for the comment!

            • BowenTheKotoc

              As I said in my note at the top of the article, the Kickstarter has been cancelled. Thanks to all of you who read this, and especially those of you who took the time to comment.