It was a calm day at Gobwin Knob, when Parson and Jack stood in the Situation Room and talked about April Fool's day. The topic had just kind of come up when Parson told Jack how Earth had special days like Christmas or Easter and as a Foolamancer, Jack was particularly interested in that one day on which humans traditionally tricked each other – in more or less funny manners.


"So, one of the more popular pranks I remember was placing a bucket of whitewash on top of a door that's slightly ajar. When someone enters the room, everything falls on top of him. If the prankster is kind, he ties the bucket to a rope so it won't fall down as well.", explained Parson.


"Like this?", asked Jack, who had just created an illusion of a bucket on top of the main entrance.


"Yeah," replied Parson, "like this."


"I expect you didn't fall for it even once, did you?"


"Haha, yes I did, when I was a kid, but as you grow up, you learn to become more careful. Especially when you overhear people planning to get others drunk in order to paint them all over. I am SO glad this never happened to me. You'd have to be downright evil to find that kind of stuff funny."


And suddenly the door was kicked open. Now, normally it would've been interesting to try out the prank on whatever unit just happened to come in, but as the unit which just entered the room was Stanley the Tool himself, 'interesting' was not the word of choice here. And so it happened that as Stanley entered the room, he shouted "Hey guys, what's uAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!" and Jack removed the illusion quickly, but just a little bit too late.


"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" the Tool shouted at both of them.


"An illusionary bucket of whitewash, Tool," Jack replied. "We were just talking about traditions from Hamsters former world when you suddenly—"




Jack obediently fell silent.


"So it was a trap, wasn't it? An ASSAULT on your Ruler? In his own Situation Room? You two have just crossed the line! The punishment for assaulting your Ruler, even if it was just an illusion, is— why do you look like this, Hamster?"


Having been blinded with rage, Stanley had only just started to really look at his two servants now.


"Well, Tool, I might look just a bit terrified because I was—"


"No, not THAT. I mean the paintings all over you."


"Huh? Oh."


Parson saw Jack giving him a meaningful glance thought quickly: "Last turn I explained to some units how the people from Stupidworld think that it's funny to paint on others while they sleep. I guess I should've made it clear to them that it's not funny for the victim and that it's NOT their Duty to do that."


"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" laughed the Tool. "You really need to learn a thing or two about Duty. That's the stupidest war paint I've ever seen! Now go and wash yourself. You're embarrassing the side. But mostly yourself!"


As the Tool strode off, still laughing, Jack removed the Foolamancy from Parson.


"Jack, I think you just saved both our hides."


"I believe so, too, my good Lord."


"Maybe this was a sign of the Titans not to bring earthly pranks here." said Parson, grinning.


"Maybe. So, what kind of strategic schemes are we going to try out today?"


"For now, none. I have to go and wash myself, as ordered by the Tool."

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