Well since my Master of Magic review was so well received here I decided to make another one. And since Ubisoft recently announced they would be releasing and HD version of Heroes of Might and Magic 3, it seemed like a good time to talk about another of my all-time favorite fantasy wargames.

The fans have not been lying around on the job these last 15 years. I discovered thousands and thousands of hand-crafted maps. Some incredible mods. And...   Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself now.

Let's start with the review:

And how about a trailer (might not look like much, but it took me 80+ hours to put this one together)

Now for the mods, I think so highly of WoG I made a trailer for it:


And finally I'm currently checking out Ride the Lightning. And am very impressed so far:


I've been recommended several more mods which I'll be checking out in the near future, hope you enjoy the videos.


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