NOTE: This is maybe the best Kickstarter project video I have ever seen, for something that I think could revolutionize how we play tabletop RPGs. The project is ambitious and the goal is extremely high, but it's a realistic figure. Software that actually works is expensive to make. Watch the video and see if you aren't immediately sold on this idea and this team, the way I was. -Rob

Create, publish, prepare and play. A cloud-based application designed to enhance your tabletop RPG adventuring and storytelling.

Morningstar Library Module


We live in a magical age.  The technology to build Morningstar didn't exist two years ago.  Now, we can integrate all the components of a complex role-playing game into a single application that can be run on your tablet, laptop or phone.


Morningstar was born out of a love for tabletop.  Chris Matney, the founder of Trapdoor Technologies, has been gaming since 1977 (the white box set was his first introduction).  When his love for tabletop and career in technology collided, he was only too happy to merge the two.  Trapdoor Technologies became a group of talented software and gaming geeks, all aiming to realize this vision.


In Morningstar, everything about the game is at your fingertips from rulebooks, adventures, characters, and maps to the most specific character customization - even a hard-earned badge from an epic homebrew campaign.  Tracking campaigns and compiling logbooks are no longer chores, but an integrated, shareable experience. And game night is streamlined.  Rules lookups are instantaneous - the right information is at your fingertips.  Sharing of content, maps and secret notes is a single tap away.  Spend more time role-playing and less time rules-playing.


Most importantly, Morningstar’s Library will be packed full of purchasable content written and submitted by homebrew and indie authors.



We firmly believe that the best adventures are sitting on the shelves and in the minds of passionate players and game masters like you.  We are publishers by trade.  Morningstar is designed to allow writers to publish and get paid for their creativity and imagination.


If this looks interesting, please check out and support the Kickstarter!


Codename: Morningstar