So the story of Warlock: Master of the Arcane goes that the great king went on some conquest to the north, and immediately disappeared. Following that, the kingdom fell into a constant state of civil war until the gods, fed up with all the fighting issued an ultimatum to the Council of the Great Mages; Cut out all that fighting or we'll cut you. Or something roughly like that. 


With the threat of the gods hanging over their heads, the Great Mages decide the best way to end all the fighting for control over the land would be to fight each other for control over the land. This is where you come in; you play as one of the great mages in this 4x genre strategy game. Using your magic, and your armies, your goal is to win total dominance over the land by either killing your rivals, defeating one of the god's avatars, casting the unity spell, or by capturing more than half of the holy grounds in the world. 


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