Master of Magic was made by Microprose, the people who brought us Darklands, X-com,  and many other of the most beloved classic PC games.


Master of Magic is a 4x game (like Civilization) that offers so much I really can't boil it down into just a few sentences.

But I can direct you to a review I made (years ago) in which I did a decent job showcasing the game: 

and also to more recent videos (I was challenged to create the worst wizard possible and play it): 


The game can be found on GoG, and I can highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy wargames to check it out.

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    • JBeshir

      Master of Magic is probably my favourite 4X I've ever played; I had a great time using black channeled war trolls to conquer the second plane, and as a sorcery player in another game.

      Really do wish they'd make a sequel.

      • El Chupacabra

        I'm frankly amazed no attempt has been made at a true sequel -- there's been similar-looking games, but nothing that would look equivalent to the MoM meets Civ V order of progression.

        • El Chupacabra

          Oh, and HalberDEERs lol.  Not that you can go back and edit, but that's grating on my ears.

          Honestly, if someone gave this the "Baldur's Gate" treatment and just updated the GUI and made the mouse more intuitive, there might not even need to be a "New" verion of the game.  It was incredibly re-playable, just has an ugly interface on some screens.

          • Sum Gai

            Heh, it's almost a running joke that I can't pronounce anything right. I do my best on halberdiers, but I'm fighting nearly 20 years of mispronunciation.


            There is someone working on recoding MoM from the ground up. So that updated GUI might come to us yet.


            I'm actually thinking of going another round with Master of Magic, possibly using one of the save editors to make an unusual scenario (like only being able to learn global enchantments, but having possibility to learning all of them.) We'll see when I finish this weird Heroes 3/Sherlock Holmes game I'm on now.

            • jamoecw

              @El Chupacabra - there is a developer working on making a sequel of sorts:


              ya, one could though do an EE version of MoM and do well enough.  there was some balance issues, the interface is out of date, and the graphics are a bit pixelly, but otherwise still one of the better 4x games out there.

              • name lips

                A new "civilization style" fantasy 4x game just came out, Eternal Legends. It's very good. I've been playing the heck out of it for days now. It's set in a "low-magic" sort of fantasy world -- lots of fantastic creatures, mystical ores/resources, magical terrain, but no "spells" per se.


                It's been getting amazing reviews. A must-play for 4x fantasy fans.

                • PaintCaster

                  Well, I did like it too - but it WAS horribly badly balanced.

                  A lot of the "natural" neutral enemies lairs where far, far too powerful, especially in Myrhon. Plus the enemies - werent!

                  I nearly never reallyfinished a game, because once you had your own kingdom buit up well, it was just legwork to mop the mostly passive, weakly expanding enemies out.

                  I dont believe I have ever been really threatened by any AI-side in this game, even on the highest difficulties.

                  Compared to modern descendant like AoW2 it simply did not have the same replayabitlity.

                  But yes, it was a gem an I do monitor the development of "World of Magic" closely. Its simply not understandable for me that no single corporation owning the rights ever cashed in with a sequel.

                  • Tarvok

                    Too old for a sequel these days, probably. And if anyone ever did release one, it would likely be about as good as, for example, the movie versions of 80s cartoons.

                    That said, I would love to see someone (preferably Firaxis, but they could license the engine out) do a fantasy game on the Civ 5 engine.

                    • Vreejack

                      There were a few problems with MoM. The most annoying was the wrap-around damage bug: if you did more than eight bits of damage it would wrap around to zero and start counting again. That could really spoil your end game, but in truth if you had that much power the game was already really over.

                      The AI was very weak. To simulate intelligence most difficult levels knew where all your cities were. The final update to the game improved it a bit, but it still sucked.

                      The game was terribly unbalanced. Part of the fun of playing was to find new ways to exploit the game mechanics. Parson Gotti would be at home here, but it made the idea of multiplayer absurd.

                      Incidentally, all the music for MoM was in MIDI format, and you can find the files around and about.

                      "Old Man, you seek the Spell of Mastery"

                      Good times.

                      • Vreejack

                        I meant to add: MoM used a form of ethnicity that Civ IV and Civ V lack. Certain ethnicities could produce certain unique units by virtue of inherited genetics, so halflings made halfling units and klackons made their insectoid units, etc. Simply conquering a town would not change this.

                        Here's a bug you can sort of exploit, though I liked to think of it as an undocumented feature. If you give a builder unit a road building plan and then switch the world you are looking at as they are standing on a magic tower, they will continue to follow the plan even though they have used the tower to enter the alternate world. You can use this to build roads where otherwise it would be impossible, like over water. Still very difficult to manage, however.

                        There are some strategies to this game that can be described as "you have got to be kidding me."