Welcome to Xin Ye's Pin-ups & Art Blog!

Here you will find beautiful art by Xin Ye and special guest illustrators, including a desktop sized pin-up of Erfworld characters every month.

Xin will also be posting the art for an eventual deck of Erfworld playing cards, at high resolution. And who knows what other nifty art pieces we'll be putting up for you?

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After illustrating Erfworld for nearly five years, the needs of her family became too pressing for Xin to continue drawing the main comic. Since then, I've wrestled with trying to find a way to involve her in Erfworld and to bring her amazing art to the fans again, in a way that makes sense for her situation. This is the result, and I hope that you'll be as happy as I am to see her bringing her talents back to the Erfworld universe.

So from Xin and everyone on Team Erfworld, thanks for making it all possible.