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A Magic Item is an item that is both magical and made by a mortal. An item with magical powers created by the [[Titans]] is called an [[Artifact]].{{erf|1|035}}
A Magic Item is an item that is both magical and made by a mortal. An item with magical powers created by the [[Titans]] is called an [[Artifact]].{{erf|1|035}}
Magic items typically start existence as spare material. [[Cities]] [[pop]] a supply of materials, and certain disciplines like [[Hat Magic]] can also be used to acquire them. A non-magical item is assembled from these resources via the [[fabrication]] special and then enchanted by a [[caster]] of the appropriate discipline. For example, [[King Slately]]'s scepter was originally non-magical, but [[Ace Hardware]] was able to reshape it into a ray gun shape and enchant it to fire [[Shockamancy]] bolts.
==Known Magic Items==
==Known Magic Items==

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Magic 101
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Proposed Canon

A Magic Item is an item that is both magical and made by a mortal. An item with magical powers created by the Titans is called an Artifact.Erf-b1-p035Same-site.PNG


Magic items typically start existence as spare material. Cities pop a supply of materials, and certain disciplines like Hat Magic can also be used to acquire them. A non-magical item is assembled from these resources via the fabrication special and then enchanted by a caster of the appropriate discipline. For example, King Slately's scepter was originally non-magical, but Ace Hardware was able to reshape it into a ray gun shape and enchant it to fire Shockamancy bolts.

Known Magic Items

3D Glasses

Parson's 3D Glasses were discovered in his first Stupid MealErf-b1-p040aSame-site.PNG. They grant him one of the abilities normally associated with Commanders native to Erfworld: when worn, they allow Parson to view the stats of a Unit such as Move, Hit, Attack, and Defense, as well as any Natural Abilities of the Unit. They also allow Parson to see the name of a Unit as well as the Discipline of Casters, which is not an innate ability of Warlords and Casters.

Bracer Blaster

Prince Ossomer of Gobwin Knob, (formerly Jetstone), carries a bracer created by Ace Hardware that, when the word "Tesla" is uttered, fires a "teleforce" ray (force beam action that really lights up!) that was powerful enough to knock Ansom off of his carpet.LIAB 8

Erfmover spade

Used by Sizemore to dig large amounts of dirt.LIAB Text 45 This may be only the material focus of his spell, and may not be usable by anyone else, or only by other Dirtamancers.


Stanley the Tool and his main subordinates (Wanda Firebaugh, Sizemore Rockwell, and Parson Gotti) carry eyebooks. They resemble ordinary hardback books, of variable size (see below). They were created by Stanley's trio of linked casters, using the three disciplines of Eyemancy (Lookamancy, Thinkamancy, and Foolamancy). Once created, they function under their own power, and continued to do so after the trio was unlinked.

An eyebook is able to transcribe messages from the user's thoughts and send them to another user's Eyebook. Parson also uses his to keep a journal (called a "Klog", derived from "book log", in the same way that a real-world term "blog" is derived from "web log"). Eyebooks also have the ability to change size, conveniently shrinking to be easily carried and growing to a size suitable for the user. This is not a power unique to them, however.

The name is a play on the iBook type of laptop computer.

Charlie is able to communicate with Parson via his Eyebook, which no-one at Gobwin Knob believes should be possible. On learning this, Parson wonders whether Charlie is also able to eavesdrop on other Eyebook communications and read his Klog.

Eyemancer Table

During the Battle for Gobwin Knob, Stanley's forces utilized an Eyemancer Table created by the same linked casters that made the Eyebooks. The table's primary functions allowed Gobwin Knob to observe enemy troop deployments and direct their own troops from a secure, central location, with a greater degree of clarity, speed, detail, and accuracy than the maps and sand tables combined with scouts or independent Lookamancers employed by all other sides.

Flying Carpet

Prince Ansom has a flying carpet. It resembles a conventional carpet, either rolled up (which is Ansom's usual style of riding) or spread out. The type of magic it uses has not been specified.

The carpet can carry at least two riders.

Laurel of Napster

The Laurel of NapsterLIAB Text 11 was created thousands of turns ago by a three-way caster link between a Thinkamancer, Hat Magician and Date-a-mancer. The Laurel, while not providing specific numbers, gives the user intuitive knowledge about the probable outcome of a given fight between two combatants. It is possible that the laurel provides concrete numbers when used by a genuine Date-a-mancer or Mathamancer. It is currently in the possession of Chief Warlord Duncan Scone of Faq.

The Laurel of Napster is a reference to the Real World Napster, the file sharing software turned pay site that allowed users to share music by matching them to each other.

"Magic Dust"


Wanda Firebaugh appears to use yellow dust with magical properties to change the memories of the hobgobwin Mung.Erf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG This may have been a spell cast with a visual effect or physical component. Similar Magic Dust is used by Maggie when she influences Stanley to appoint Parson to Chief Warlord. While it is drawn from her purse, it is unclear whether it is a magic item or simply how her Thinkamancy manifests in this instance, but in both cases the applied effect of is a magical "suggestion".

Mathamancy Bracer

A plastic bracer that arrived in Parson's second Stupid Meal. With a neat little groove for his calculator watch to fit into. Apparently a powerful Mathamancy based item (or possibly an ArtifactErf-b1-p054Same-site.PNG) of great interest to Mathamancy dependent or interested factions like CharlesCommErf-b1-p103Same-site.PNGErf-b1-p105Same-site.PNG. Able to calculate probabilities for both concrete questions based on known information (such as the likelihood of winning a battle) and abstract ones based on unknowables (such as whether knowing a given piece of information will turn out to be worth the cost of acquiring it).

Message Hats

Jetstone has at least one pair of message hats. They resemble top hats. Presumably, they use Hat Magic, but this has not been specified.
Stanley and Wanda communicate with them after the Battle of Gobwin Knob summer-updates-035 External.png; Queen Bea of Unaroyal used one to communicate with Don King summer-updates-043 External.png.

A written message may be placed into the sending hat and transmitted to the receiving hat which rumbles to alert the owner. These particular hats only work in one direction; however, other hats capable of two-way communication may exist. (Upon being given the sending hat of the pair, Jillian Zamussels asked if it was "dual use" and was told that it was "abjuration only". This appears to imply that the former term describes a two-way hat and the latter describes a one-way sending hat.) Jillian used what may have been two-way hats to communicate with Count Vinny. First Intermission 48

According to 1.10, "Hoffa" is the magic word to transmit the message (after a Teamster leader who famously disappeared), "Livingston" is the magic word to retrieve a message (after an explorer who was famously found).

King Slately of Jetstone uses his crown as a message hat to initiate communication with Don King. The command word is "Pinochet" (possibly because General Pinochet of Chile was famous for making opponents of his regime "disappear").LIAB Text 42

Staff of Suckage

Used originally by Wanda TBFGK_119, equipped by Parson in preparation for his 50-yard dash through the Magic Kingdom into Spacerock. This staff prevents spells being cast on the wielder, as seen when Wanda's mount is croaked but the same spell barrage bounces off her. TBFGK_121 This may not be the formal name of the magic item, and simply a derogatory term used by Jeftichew The staff may not nullify all magic, as Parson worries that he could still be incapacitated by the Thinkamancers at Portal Park. And it is only able to nullify a single Shockamancy blast from Slately's scepter before disintegrating.

The Sword of Ruthlessness

Parson's Sword arrived in his Stupid Meals - one part per day for three consecutive days. According to the Luckamancy Charms cereal boxErf-b1-p106Same-site.PNG, the sword is the final item necessary to turn Parson into the "Perfect Warlord" that the Summoning Spell intended him to be. (The other items being his 3D Glasses and Mathamancy Bracer). Stated abilities include Leadership, Combat and Ruthlessness.

Thinking Cap


Magic equipment worn on the head, such as Parsons 3D glasses and Message Hats, may have their powers increased by Hat Magic, or they may only be able to be created by Hat Magic.


Dame Olive Branch of Haffaton, is a Florist that carries a musical instrument called a "chillaxe". It is not entirely clear whether this item is a true magic item, or simply a tool that Olive Branch uses to affect her spell, though it is certainly possible.IPTSF Text 12

The Chillaxe was destroyed by Jillian.IPTSF Text 62

Sizemore Rockwell's Shovel

The shovel used by Sizemore Rockwell to dig the tunnel between portals in the Magic Kingdom may be a Dirtamancy related magic item. However, it could easily also be a simple shovel that counts as a focus or 'grounding' agent through which Sizemore can channel his spells and more easily affect the world around him.

Real World References

'Chillaxe' is a portmanteau of 'Chill/Chill Out' and 'Relax,' all of which can be used in an attempt to defuse conflict or calm people down. In IP(TSF) 13, Olive Branch's Chillaxe has the form of an electric guitar. 'Axe' is a slang term for a guitar, so her 'Axe' makes things 'Chill' between two sides.

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