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Luckamancy charms: They're Tragically Malicious!

[edit] Proposed Canon

Luckamancy Charms was a Stupid Meal. They were Parson's Rations on Turn 8.Erf-b1-p106Same-site.PNG

The box contained a prize, the third and final piece of Parson's Sword -- the foible (the pointy end of the blade that hurts things).

On the front of the box was shown Hamstard, a white blobby or ghostly form, and an example of a bowl of the cereal with the Mathamancy Gauntlet, the 3d glasses and the sword (completed) in the cereal like marshmallow bits.

The back of the box (pictured) consisted of a maze transposed on a volcano similar to Gobwin Knob with a green dwagon flying nearby.

[edit] Speculation

The box claimed that it "contains a full day's supply of Luckamancy", and Parson later acted on the assumption that it conferred to him Luckamancy, trying to cast a Luckamancy spell on Bogroll before sending him on a suicidal mission. There was no evidence of successful casting.

[edit] Real World References

This Stupid Meal is based on Lucky Charms, a cereal consisting of oat-based rings and marshmallow bits in various colours and shapes with a "luck" theme -- green clovers, purple horseshoes, yellow stars, etc. The mascot is Lucky, a leprechaun: it is this character that Hamstard mocks in his green hat.

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