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Race: LFN
Faction: Jetstone
Class: Heavy Unit
Special: Mount

[edit] Proposed Canon

Strengths: Crushing, Patriotism

Weaknesses: Subtlety

First Appearance: LIAB 32

Irony is an LFN cloth golem in the service of Jetstone. It bore a Warlord in the attack across the Expository Bridge against Captain Ford's Gobwin Knob forces and crushed Ford himself to dust.

Irony is made of several patches of different colors: his legs are teal and pink; his right flank is half blue and half red, with three white radishes on the blue upper half.

[edit] Real World References

The red and blue colored elephant is likely a reference to the symbol of the US Republican Party. Irony crushes Captain Ford who shares name with and resembles President Gerald Ford - a member of the Republican Party.

His head and fluffy tail resemble those of Heffalump from Disney's Winnie the Pooh cartoons.

Irony also brings to mind 'ironing'.

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