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[[Category:Parson's World]]
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[[Category:Real World]]

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Proposed Canon

"I can describe your legs. How about, "A bathtub full of ricotta cheese crammed into two condoms?"

Strengths: Zingers, Eating

Weaknesses: Mobility

First Appearance: TBFGK 14 (Poster) TBFGK 15 (Shirt) TBFGK 37a (Klog)

Hamstard is the primary, and only, character in Parson's webcomic. Hamstard is a cynical, fat, foul-mouthed hamster that enjoys insulting the author, Parson, as much as anything else. The webcomic is cut-and-paste, so there is initially only a single image of Hamstard, with a second and third image coming later in the comic.

You can find Hamstard at Hamstard.com. Warning: Hamstard contains Coarse Language, Sexual References, and is just plain nasty. Parental discretion is advised.

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