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Sizemore performing his usual services in the Cesspit.Erf-b1-p013Same-site.PNG From [http://www.erfworld.com/book-1-archive/?px=%2F053.jpg Page 53.

[edit] Proposed Canon

The Cesspit is a location in Gobwin Knob. The Cesspit is full of crap, so it is here that Sizemore makes crap golems.Erf-b1-p013Same-site.PNG

[edit] Speculation

There may be cesspits in other cities.

It is not known exactly where the cesspit is located. In the one image of the Cesspit, it is open to the sky, which suggests it is in Courtyard, Outer Walls, or Tower, but not Airspace, Dungeon, or Tunnels.

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