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[edit] Mountains

Mountains are a Terrain Type. Typically, only fliers, Mountain-capable Units, and Tunneling Units may pass through mountain hexes.

Flying units pass through standard mountain hexes at a cost of two Move.

Some mountains are impassable, even to fliers. Erf-b1-p099Same-site.PNG

Tunnels may pass through Mountain hexes.

[edit] Speculation

Certain mountain areas, like Mount Mofo have trail areas that may be accessed by non-flying units. However, there is a huge movement penalty for these units in this terrain type. In the case of Mount Mofo, for instance, low-move units like siege engines could take three to four turns just to climb the mountain.summer-updates-–-017 External.png

According to the Stupid Meal, flying units may not be attacked by non-fliers in mountain hexes. That information was incomplete for forest, so it's possible that Mountain units might also be able to attack fliers in mountains, and only non-Mountain units (on a trail, for instance) would be prevented.

[edit] High Mountains

High Mountains are a Terrain Type that impose all the same restrictions as normal mountains, but cost fliers three Move per Hex rather than two.

[edit] Impassable Mountains

Impassable Mountains are a Terrain Type found among High Mountains. They are so forboding that even fliers cannot cross them, and may only be traveled through if there is a tunnel through them.

[edit] Volcano

A volcano is a form of mountain capable of spewing out lava.

[edit] Eruption

An eruption affects units within the current hex, as well as adjacent hexes.

Eruptions can be caused by advanced Dirtamancy (with assistance from a Thinkamancer and Croakamancer within a link)Erf-b1-p137Same-site.PNG), and inflict significant damage to any units within the affected hexes. Eruptions can also change the terrain type to Lava lake

[edit] Canon

[edit] Eruption

Units that are incapable of evacuating the affected terrain are at risk of being instantly killed by the volcano. Any unit that survives the initial destruction will take a second wave of high-powered attacks inflicting a combination of fire, explosive and physical damage.

Kills made by a triggered volcanic eruption provide limited or no experience (assuming that the casters survive); there is nothing remarkable about superweapon attacks.

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