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Turn Number:NA
Side's Turn:Earth

A closeup view of a cluttered dresser top, the first drawer hanging open. The top of the dresser is covered in stacks of paper and a dangling graph. Atop the papers is a clock-radio, the time partly obscured but "5:18" just visible. A can of Red Bull sits beside the radio. There's a tattered poster behind the dresser with some kind of blobular cartoon character[1] on it. Toto, we're not in Erfworld anymore.[2]


Radio: -with the beefcake pantyhose.

Kill the headlights, and put it in neutral.

Stock car flamin' with the loser and the cruise control.[3]

[edit] Notes
  1. ^ Hamstard, the Bastard Hamster, is seen for the first time (unless you already saw him on his own site.)
  2. ^ The art style for "real world" scenes is noticeably different from the art style for scenes set in Erfworld. The former shows considerably more shading and detail.
  3. ^ The radio is playing the song "Loser" by Beck.
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