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Turn Number:9
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

(Flashback) Wanda, in green robes, kneels at a low table inside a dwelling in Faq, across from the Predictamancer, also dressed in green robes, who sits in a green chair. On the table are four candles and a crystal ball, which glows with a bright amber light. On the wall are several masks[1], and a round window provides a view of the grey mountains beyond.


Wanda Firebaugh: "It was a Predictamancer who told me. In the hidden kingdom of Faq, where I once served."

Parson Gotti: "What did you do?"

Wanda Firebaugh: "Nothing, at first.

Until I learned of a Warlord who had found the Arkenhammer."

[edit] Notes
  1. ^  The masks resemble those of television and movie characters, including, apparently, the Power Rangers
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