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Turn Number:8
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

Large numbers of Coalition infantry are inside the city. Prince Ansom sits on his flying carpet as he examines the gate of the inner garrison wall. Below him, |Hobbittm Warlord, Duke Nozzle, and the Unaroyal Warlord appear to be having a discussion. Several Archons fly overhead.


Parson Gotti: The objectives in support of our goal are, in order of importance: conversion, division, and attrition of enemy forces. Neutralization of enemy assets and capabilities, particularly siege and leadership.

The fighting retreat was a good low-cost tactic, but nowhere near enough. I need to know anything else we can do to them.

So start telling me every skill, bonus, or resource I might not know about.

We have... maybe an hour before the end of the world.

Which is cool. That's about when I would usually start cramming for a final.

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