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[edit] Proposed Canon

Seaworld is a Royal side in Erfworld. It is a major naval power, and nearly all of its warlords possess the seafarer special.

It's only major maritime rival is Anchorbar. It has recently suffered some major and very serious losses to mysterious causes.

[edit] Territory

Seaworld is a very powerful side. Until recently, it possessed 5 coastal cities, 9 colonies, and a total of 29 colonial cities. It recently lost 2 of these colonies to Anchorbar.

[edit] Cities

[edit] Colonial Cities

[edit] Current Inhabitants

[edit] Former Inhabitants

[edit] Troops

[edit] Real World References

Its name is presumably a reference to SeaWorld, a U.S. chain of marine mammal parks, oceanariums, and animal theme parks owned by SeaWorld Entertainment.

It is also a likely reference to the British Empire.

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