Marika Neagle

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Marika Neagle
Race: Men
Faction: Faq
Class: Warlord
Special: Flying

[edit] Proposed Canon

Countess Marika Neagle was a Warlord with the flying special in service to Faq, who worked with Jillian.IPTSF Text 29 She was killed in action during the Battle for Blitzkrieg Bop over a hundred turns before the events described in 'Inner Peace'. Jillian regretted losing Marika as they made an excellent fighting team.

Wanda Firebaugh made her a memorial stone in her Stone garden from a description given to her by Jillian.

[edit] Speculation

Jillian confesses to having loved Marika to Wanda Firebaugh.IPTSF Text 43

[edit] Real World References

Her name is probably a pun on 'American Eagle'. Whether this is a reference to the American Airlines' American Eagle brand or to the American Eagle Outfitters is unknown. This may just be a simple reference as Marika Neagle is known to be a flying unit.

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