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Turn Number:75
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

Tramennis jauntily cocks an eyebrow and leans to one side, pointing at Ossomer with a thumb. For his part, Ossomer stands imposingly, arms crossed. His armor is apparently a skin-tight grey suit with a huge shoulder pad/chest guard/neck guard combination of silver trimmed in gold. On the chest plate is a large radish, and he also wears a grey sweatband on his wrist. In the background are a number of radish-shaped tents, a long column of troops, and a solitary Battle Bear amidst the camp.


Prince Tramennis: He said you were coming to destroy Jetstone.

I said "No! Not Ansom! He just misses decent pastry!"

But you really should have written ahead.

Prince Ossomer: He is here to destroy Jetstone.

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