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Turn Number:75
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

Shot from the base of the Throne Room. The Signamancy has completely changed from Jetstone decor to Gobwin Knob, with banners of Stanley and golden stars, and a bust of Bogroll in place of a fallen Jetstone Prince. Parson, Antium, and a decrypted Red dwagon are at the top of the throne room near the Throne. Jack, Ace Hardware, and the Battle Bear's bodies are at the base, lying on rubble. The flames in the Atrium are getting worse and spreading.


Parson Gotti: That's our livery.
We took the city, I guess.

Antium: Yes, Chief Warlord.
But it is an inferno now.
So... we will perish here.

Parson Gotti: No, dude. Uh-uh.
Charlie doesn't get to win.

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