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[edit] Canon

According to the Word of the Titans, "Grand Abbie" is a title that indicates multiple mastery within Hippiemancy.

[edit] Proposed Canon

Given that Janis is "a Grand Abbie"Erf-b1-p141Same-site.PNG it would appear she is a master of Flower Power and at least one other discipline from Signamancy and Date-a-mancy.

[edit] Speculation

It is currently unclear if there a variety of titles for different multiple master-class casters (e.g. mastery of 2 vs 3 disciplines, or if "Grand Abbie" indicates explicitly the specific 2 disciples mastered).

"Headmaster" is known to be a title applied to two different casters with apparently different skills in the same class so if "Grand Abbie" follows the same pattern, it would appear to have skill level in either "at least two", "Flower Power/Signamancy" or "Flower Power/Date-a-mancy" within Hippiemancy.

[edit] Real World References

The 'Abbie' of the title probably refers to Abbie Hoffman, or possibly Abigail "Abby" O'Neil, from the TV sitcom Dharma & Greg.

The title is possibly a reference to the title of abbot/abbess.

Mother Abagail is the personification of good in Stephen King's novel The Stand.

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