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[edit] Proposed Canon

The Carnyvale is a location in the Magic Kingdom under the purview of Carnymancers.

It is in the sector for Stagemancy.

Most residents there live and work out of Wagons. Some residents own large cauldrons which are used to cook raw forage into a soup, this makes it more "nutritious" ration and pays more of a unit's upkeep (which is something most residents struggle to do).

The Carnyvale is unique in that there are non-Stagemancers, it's a "big tent" that takes in any "loser".

[edit] Known Residents

[edit] Speculation

Every one of the eight sectors of the Magic Kingdom has a clearing in the center. Glades and vales are similar, so this may be it for the Stageamancers.

[edit] Real World References

The name may be a reference tot eh TV show Carnivàle that ran from 2003-2005.

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