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Dwagon Plush Toy

Dwagon Plush Toy
Dwagons are some of the fiercest and most deadly flying units in all of Erfworld.

They're also completely adorable, and now you can own them in huggable plushie form.
(Just don't call them "dragons" or they'll bite your face off!)

8 inch tall plush soft-toys. Embroidered faces. Not recommended for children under 3.

Available in 6 body colors: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and Yellow

They're $12 each, but if you buy all 6 the price is only $60.

Weight 0.50 lbs
Inventory ID# 61035, 60556, 60552, 60553, 60554, 60551
Price: $12.00
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All colors Prototype Green Dwagon Plushie Size Comparison (with 2 liter bottle) Red Dwagon Green Dwagon Blue Dwagon Purple Dwagon Pink Dwagon Yellow Dwagon