KickStart: Myth - cooperative minis/RPG

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KickStart: Myth - cooperative minis/RPG

Postby RichMan » Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:07 pm

Shameless plug for a kickstarter campaign in its last stages. Many many addons and unlocked stretch goals make this a super-deal for minilovers.

It looks like a very nice cross between and RPG and a full on mini-combat.

MYTH - fully cooperative minis game. 2-5 hero's vs the Darkness. Darkness runs itself based on player actions. ... 0?ref=live

I admit it looks a bit like warhammer with all the minatures. But you get up to 5 people playing.
Game is in acts -> chapters -> stories. With quests, miniquests and items. And even planned advancement for the heros.

Important Links:
FAQ on BGG ... mments-fro
FAQ on Zombiesdash
Pledge Level Tally ... _04.12.jpg
MYTH Kicktraq page ... hart-daily
Pledge Comparison Sheet by Shawn Hubbard
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