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Postby CroverusRaven » Wed Mar 13, 2013 8:44 am

I just found this game, I'm pretty sure it is the newest of the WH40K tabletop RPG games. You play as guardsmen. It has some interesting mechanics, like having a Comrade, which is basically a minion NPC who can help you accomplish tasks, give you bonuses, and soak a little bit of damage for you. They don't track wounds like a PC but instead they are either unharmed, injured, or dead. When they take damage, they become injured, and it takes a week to heal them back unless you have good medical skills, and if they die you have to ask for a replacement (which you might not get for a while.) The player just gives them a name and appearance and rolls for their demeanor, and gives Orders as a free action, typically things like focusing fire with you, moving into a position, and more based on your career.

If anyone else has played this, what are your thoughts on it compared to Rouge Trader, Deathwatch and Dark Heresy? Anyone interested in getting a game going?
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