Button Men: Erfworld

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Button Men: Erfworld

Postby Sonic Screwdriver » Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:55 pm

One thing I thought up a long time ago when I first saw the buttons for Erfworld, I thought we were going to see Button Men versions. Unfortunately, we have not, and my own image-editing skills are amateur at the best of times. Has anyone else considered this idea?

Here's a sample concept piece for Jillian, using an Auxiliary Trip die, a Berserk die, and a Poison die. This was a rough attempt to refer to Jillian's narrative role in the story (poison being her being a tactical liability, berserk being her general nature, and the trip die being her megalogwiff mount), rather than just slapping five numbers and a single special die (poison is the most important for her).
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