Let's Play "Galactic Civilization 2"

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Let's Play "Galactic Civilization 2"

Postby Crovius » Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:24 pm

Was pretty sure this would be the best section to post the topic.

Ok, so if you don't know what a Let's Play is, that's fine, because I didn't truely understand the concept when I first heard about it months ago. The basic idea is that a person plays a game, sometimes picked by a group of people, other times chosen randomly rom your shelf. I decided to try and pull off Galactiv Civilization 2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galactic_Civilizations_II:_Dread_Lords

I'm new to doing a Let's Play, but I've seen one done before for this game and thought I'd try it. Before hand we (menaing em and anyone that bothers to read this) decide upon the stats for the galaxy. Unfourtanetly I don't have my book with me, so I'm linking to the wiki for the game to help out. I'll be making a custom race, taking advice from players as to what options I should pick for them. People who have played the game are encouraged to think up interesting combinations you think work well. Throught the game I'll keep track of events that occur and report them in a sort of story-teller mode. Anyoen posting interest in this can either choose one of the races available or even make their own custom race.

I'll update this with more details when I'm able to get to my personal computer and list all the options available. For now this is up for posting interest and anyoen that already knows what they want.

Edit(s): Added link to the wiki
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Re: Let's Play "Galactic Civilization 2"

Postby Ilari » Sat May 08, 2010 10:49 pm

I'm a big fan of this game, so I'm definitely in. Will you be using the Twilight of the Arnor expansion, or just Dread Lords? ToA added so many changes that it's more like a sequel than an expansion, so we'll need to know if we have things like racial tech trees available before we begin.

One thing I would recommend is not to play on any map size larger than Medium, unless you really want to be doing this thing for the rest of the year. Huge map is huge. ;)
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