Barbarians! The Lost Tribe of [____]

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Barbarians! The Lost Tribe of [____]

Postby 0100010 » Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:13 pm

It was supposed to be a easy mission. Long range scouts had found a ruin, and Overlady Martha wanted to find out what was in it.

It was far away, the exploratory force had to take a small ship to get there They had lost one their scout to a well hidden feral Leopard in the jungle. That should have been the first clue that this venture might not have had the Titans favor. A couple of low level stabbers had fallen to mosquito swarms next. Nasty buggers, Easy to kill but sometime if you got damaged by then, something happened, which caused damage to not get healed naturally at the morning of each turn for several turns. Typically this is only dangerous to low 1st or 2nd level units with low hits, who didn't have total hits high enough to survive before natural healomacy eliminated the strange condition after a few turns. The explorers theorized that a healomancer could have easily removed the affliction, but their side didn't have any. They probably would not have been sent either if they did.

The only caster the explorers had with them was a once level 1 Findomancer. A natural choice, given the searching to be done in the ruins. It was a risk, but Overlady martha wanted the caster to possibly level up. She send a decent guard force.

Unfortunately the guard force wasn't enough. The ruins had been guarded by a unknown group of heavies, large ape creatures wielding stone maces that were good at hiding. Now the exploring party lay mostly dead, but at least all the barbarian heavies were dead also. The leader of the expedition was a level 5 warlord. Was. Dead now like so many others. All that was left was the once level 1 warlord (now just leveled to 2), who became the defacto leader when the unthinkable happened.

The Findamancer had received a thinkagram, the capital was under attack it said. Then nothing. By the end of the turn, after the battle with the heavy apes, the lost survivors found themselves as barbarians down to the last man.

It was a motley group.
1 level 2 Warlord (just leveled)
1 level 2 Findamancer. (just leveled)
1 level 2 Knight (just leveled)
2 level 1 Stabbers
1 level 1 Archer
1 level 1 Scout
1 level 1 Troll

Fortunately the surviving warlord had salvaged the fallen commander's purse. They figured their upkeep would last for about 6 turns, then they have to start foraging in this unknown land. A token force had been left with the boat, but without a commander present they probably all disbanded. The boat might still be there though, it was a crafted turnamancy-dollamancy thing. more magic item than unit.

So just an idea for discussion, light RP game, free form rules. Cooperative play so no need for PMing stuff. Minimum of 2 players max of seven for the above roles. (Troll is an NPC for fabrication special) If anyone in interested in co-DMing though that would help a lot, as this may not be a fast running game dependent on my time availability.

Draw up a character, pick a name, describe their appearance, Describe their trip to this new land, describe how the survived the battle at the ruins. elicit their thoughts on what has happen.

Each character has a basic weapon and set of armor or clothing. Describe their livery and pop-culture theme(s), (include a picture if you want) best one gets to be used/selected. This needs to be a heavily player driven sand-box game. I'll just throw things in occasionally to make things interesting.
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Re: Barbarians! The Lost Tribe of [____]

Postby Werebiscuit » Thu Oct 31, 2013 1:04 pm

It had seemed a standard juant. Piotr, her stack leader had had asked for volunteers too, Titans disband it. She should have known better, Vilmar had even told her " Don voluntir fer nuffin' " was his advice..good advice too, she should have listened. The first sign was her sea-sickness on the voyage over, then there was that damnable leopard and then those Titans accursed flies. She had thought her luckamancy boosted when she didn't get sick...again she should have known better. The Titans were saving their best for her.

The ruins looked like a gift from the Titans when they first saw them... a clearing in the incessant jungle. So happy to see them that the commander hadn't even scouted them properly. Luckily her archer squad were at the jungle fringes covering their path when the ambush kicked off. Even still, large hulking brutes with stone clubs materialized from both jungle and ruins meaning the archers had no clear line of fire as friendlies were intermingled with the apes. Somehow with much rushing, dodging and checking..and a large slice of help from the Titans she survived.

The ambush had been triggered after the lone scout had come back from a cursory look and the captain had taken his word and brought his men up. It was signaled by a hooting and howling from the forest beyond the ruins as though a monkey troupe was being massacred back there. "It's a trick..." Piotr had warned them "...Let the stabbers take care of them. They're already in the ruins. Keep your eyes and bows trained on the path, lads. "
Lads? eh ? She'd call Piotr on that slight when she joined him to stand in front of the Titans. Not that she objected to being called one of the she could drink, bet and boop along with the best of them... but you had to draw the line somewhere.
Her attention diverted by Piotr's slander she only just caught the looming shape on the edge of her vision. Turning she loosed early...only to see the wayward shot take another rising shape under the jaw-line. Massive hulk..too swinging. She winced, anticipating the blow, only to have the bow ripped out of her hands as she felt the swish of the club. Instictive re-load,.. no bow, she thrusts with the pitiful arrow. Arrrgh... her arrow to the eye and his club to the shoulder in the same instant. Reeling in a wash of pain she barely noticed her companions falling around her nor Piotr yelling "Swords, lads... draw your swords"
Stumbling she fumbled for her sword, just as a crashing hulk sends her sprawling. Muscles on fire she scrambles to her feet, her squad buried in the onslaught of apes. like she'd been drilled.... but reform with whom. ? All around her a struggling mass of men and apes slashing in confusion and pain at friend and foe alike. It was then she saw her warlord trying to hold two at bay with his spear while flailing at another with his broken shield. No sign of Piotr but, disband it, at least she'd go down helping her captain. She charged in his direction a gutteral scream on her lips.
White pain shot through her ankle as she caught the creeper and tumbled into darkness. Titans... was this it ?
It certainly didn't smell like the halls of the Titans. Nor should it have been so dark, dank and dusty. A glow filtered over her shoulder. Rising and turning she blinked at the light.
It was what seemed like ages before she realized she was in some sort of cellar. The noise of the battle above brought her senses around just as the light was blocked by a looming figure . It advanced peering into the darkness... why didn't it see her ? Blessing her luck she drew... "Shhhhiccck" The shape froze at the sound. Putting in all her strength she thrust straight and true. Through the chest. It fell. Dragging her sword with it as it stumbled backwards into the light.
Finally the pain in her leg caught up with her as she stooped to gather its fallen club. Another ape in the doorway blocking the light. It advanced. Howling as the sword appeared through it's midrift. Trying to turn to it's unseen attacker it went down as her wildly swung club burst at it's temple and sent it's head driving at a sickening angle into it's shoulder.
She grimaced up at a friendly face.
" Who's down there ? Friend or foe ? "
"Friend ! "... "Magda !"... " Level 1 archer, Piotr's squad "
Her squad broken and few if any of her companions left alive she crawled from the hole in the cellar that she'd managed to defend...a grim smile on her lips.
Well at least they could reform...and Titans be blessed ...there was the Findamancer. He'd survived so at least they'd be able to find their way home.

....However the Titans had one final hand to play.......

{placeholder for Magda - 1st level Archer... will do stats and equip later}
[Edited to provide more details of the battle]
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Re: Barbarians! The Lost Tribe of [____]

Postby LittleLoki » Thu Oct 31, 2013 4:06 pm

They ordered him on the mission, "Find the Ruins" they said "Then you can come back". He did not mind, this was an opportunity. He could venture out into new tiles and feel the different terrain types underneath his feet.

After the boat ride, he was having second thoughts. This was terrain that he had not yet seen, and instead of the thrill he imagined, he was instead filled with a kind of fear. Still he kept his head up, "New places are exciting." He assured himself. Fear was a luxury that he could not allow himself. The Titan's themselves seemed to be looking out for him after that. A leopard had attacked him and another scout, yet he had been spared. The bugs tooled the lives of many stabbed, yet he pulled through. It was not until they reached the ruins that this Titan given grace ran short. He had scouted thoroughly to the best of his Level 1 ability, and had found nothing, not a single hint of the heavies that he later learned occupied the ruins. It was his report that moved the party forward, people trusted scouts and he had failed their trust. He had walked them into a slaughter. It was only in the after math, after their units had been massacred, after the survivors turned barbarian that he realized why the Titans spared him. Not because he was favored, he was saved to bear witness to his faults and to suffer for them so long as he was alive.

Will's livery is simple, a thin shirt and a long pair of blue pants of a durable material. He originally had a thicker woolen jacket that came with the outfit, but he has not worn it sense they moved into the jungle climate. Pop culture wise he draws inspiration from the Student named Danforth from H.P Lovecraft's at the mountains of madness.

[Place holder for Will Danforth level 1 Scout, can add info as needed]
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Re: Barbarians! The Lost Tribe of [____]

Postby 0100010 » Sun Nov 03, 2013 7:08 pm

Was hoping there would be a few more interested.
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