Equilateratoria - Reference

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Equilateratoria - Reference

Postby MarbitChow » Sun May 26, 2013 12:01 pm

Equilateratoria (A Cute Little Game from an Obtuse GM)

Please do not post responses to this thread. Post any corrections or requests for additional information in the primary game thread.

Current Map
Spoiler: show

God's Eye View (As of Turn 8)
Spoiler: show

Basic Rules
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Each turn, players declare their actions. All players start with 4 actions, and may gain more from structures and skills. All players automatically get a free Eat action at the end of each turn as well, if any food is available. Note that if the player is fully healed and has spent a regular action to eat this turn, this free eat action is lost (and players with Forage thus cannot try to find food). Note: The basic Food Resource decays at the end of the turn unless held in a container or placed into storage. Other items that count as food (such as meals and brews) may last longer.

Every item and resource that a player crafts or gathers is communal by default. Players can explicitly claim items that they gather, at which point other players may not use it until the player declares it to be communal. Placing an item in a storage-type structure automatically makes it communal as well. Storing items and resources in containers and structures, as well as declaring them to be communal, does not require any actions. Communal status is permanent. If a player wants to reserve a resource of that type, they must gather it themselves. (Note that advanced items can only be made properly with certain skills.) Items can be equipped as a free action, and once an item is equipped, another player cannot take it unless the owner is incapacitated or paralyzed first.

Players may normally carry 2 of any combination of items, food, and resources (sword/shield, mushroom/wood, 2 stone, etc.). Certain items may increase these limits.

Skill Trees
Spoiler: show
Martial Trees
Warrior : Melee type that gets bonuses to offense and defense, and can wear metal armor without penalty; unlocks Dervish (2-weapon style) or Soldier (shield / bodyguard style) trees
Mystic : Wizardly type that can calm, stun, and shoot bolts; unlocks Enlightened (healer) or Sorcerer (dark magic) trees
Hunter : Analyze enemy, avoid melee attacks; unlocks Archer (multiple ranged attacks) or Crossbowman (heavy ranged attacks) trees
Scout : Can forage, hide, gain additional action; unlocks Ninja (poison/backstab) or Farstrider (farseeing/teleport) trees

Civilian Trees
Farmer : Better at gathering food & tending plants, and can plant crops; unlocks Chef (crafting meals) or Brewer (crafting brews)
Miner : Better at gathering stone, and can gather Ore and Gems; unlocks Stonecaller (create new stone nodes) or Gemweaver (craft jewelry and gemstaves)
Metallurgist : Create iron / steel bars needed for metal items; unlocks Weaponsmith (craft metal weapons) or Armorer (craft metal armor)
Stonemason : Create structures (workshops, furnaces, forges); unlocks Architect (advanced structures) or Demolitionist (grenades and siege weapons)
Forester: Better at gathering wood, crafts wood items and plants trees; unlocks Herbalist (build plant-based structures) or Shepherd (tend / train animals)
Leatherworker : Can gather and craft leather items; unlocks Skinrider (disguise and defense) or Bonecrafter (bone items/ armor/ golems)
Specialist : Must be paired with another Civilian Tree. When that tree levels, Specialist levels as well. Gains additional actions, and allows player to take both upgrade trees for that civilian tree. Example: Farmer/Specialist can take both Chef and Brewer when they become available.
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Re: Equilateratoria - Reference

Postby MarbitChow » Sun May 26, 2013 12:01 pm

Non-Combat Actions
Spoiler: show
All non-combat actions in zone automatically fail (including free forage) when there are hostile units in the same zone. Hostile units are units that have made at least 1 combat attack action or harmful spell on any character in the zone. If non-combat actions that require resources fail, no resources are consumed.

Gather - Attempt to harvest resources. Gathering resources may require multiple actions before a resource is gathered. These actions can be spread over multiple turns.
  • Food: 1 action
  • Butcher calmed animal: 1 action
  • Wood: 2 actions
  • Stone / Ore / Gems: 3 actions
  • Leather: 2 actions (skill required)
Craft - Create an item. Crafting may require multiple actions before the item is complete. These actions can be spread over multiple turns. Items also have resource requirements - all resources must be available when the final action completes; if not, the Craft attempt fails and must begin again from the start.
Build - Construct a Structure. Building require multiple actions before the structure is complete. These actions can be spread over multiple turns. Structures also have resource requirements and requirements. Like Crafting, all resources must be available. There must also be a sufficient number of empty squares in the zone to hold the structure. Some structures are only effective when build next to another structure or resource.

Combat Actions
Spoiler: show
Move - Head to another zone. Crossing into a new zone normally requires 3 actions, and you enter the zone at the end of the turn. Roads and skills may reduce this.
Eat - Consume food. Eating one food resource heals 2 Hits. If a player is unable to eat during a turn, they lose 3 Hits. If in combat, the consumed food must be readily available (claimed/in a container/handed to the character by another player/lying on the ground). Communal resources that are stored in a structure are not available during combat.
Attack - Attempt to damage an animal or hostile.
Cast - Use a Mystic ability or magic item.
Give Item - Hand any equipped or carried item to another character in the same zone.

Combat / Dying
Spoiler: show
A creature (PC, NPC, animal, etc.) can be attacked by up to 3 other creatures at once.
Characters who are not fed will lose 3 hits at the end of the turn. Characters are incapacitated when they reach 0. They die when they reach -9 Hits.
Characters can force-feed other incapacitated characters to heal them. Force-feeding only restores 1 Hit per food to an incapacitated character, though. (Brews restore their full amount, since it's easier to administer.)
You can spend an action to feed another character even if they are not incapacitated. The feed character still only restores 1 Hit per food, since it's hard to feed someone actively doing something else.
Incapacitated characters do not gain any actions during the turn they are revived, including any free actions and foraging. Incapacitated characters should be force-feed on the turn they are revived to prevent hit loss.
Calmed/paralyzed animals and hostiles remain so until the end of the next turn.
Calmed (or paralyzed) players and hostile NPCs lose 1 action when calmed or paralyzed. They can spend any remaining actions to try to break the calm/paralysis with a 1 in 3 chance for success on each attempt.
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Re: Equilateratoria - Reference

Postby MarbitChow » Sun May 26, 2013 12:02 pm

Known Skills
Spoiler: show
Calm - Spend 1 action and pacify a target. If target was hostile, it will not attack this turn (unless attacked). If target is an animal, it will allow itself to be captured and/or butchered.
Craft Leather - Converts 1 animal hide into a Leather Resource. Requires a Tannery Structure.
Fast Construction (simple) - Every action spent constructing counts as 2 actions for this player.
Forage - Acts as an Eat action, but does not require any food resource. Satisfies the requirement to eat each turn. Restores 1 Hit each use. Can be used in place of the free eat action. Cannot be used while in combat.
Gather Food - Every action spent gathering food counts as 2 actions for this player
Gather Stone Block - Every action spent gathering stone counts as 2 actions for this player
Gather Wood - Every action spent gathering wood counts as 2 actions for this player

(Requires Forester Level 2)
Craft Wood Items/Weapons : Every action spent crafting wood items/weapons counts as 2 actions for this player

(Requires Farmer Level 2)
Enhanced Farming : For every 2 Food gathered, 1 additional free food is acquired. The free food does not consume a resource. Butchered animals also provide more food.

(Requires Miner Level 2)
Enhanced Mining : For every 2 stone gathered, 1 additional free stone is acquired. The free stone does not consume a resource.
Sense Ore : Stone formations that contain ore are now visible to the character.

(Requires Stonemason Level 2)
Knowledge - Intermediate Structures

(Requires Mystic Level 2)
Paralyze : Spend 1 action and paralyze a target. Target cannot attack until paralysis is broken, even if attacked. Casting Cost: 2 Hits.

Known Structures
Spoiler: show
Basic Structures
Granary - Stops food decay; stores up to 16 food
    2x2, 6 Stone, 4 Wood, 0 Users
Lumber Mill - Grants 1 free Gather Wood action to user
    2x2, 6 Stone, 4 Wood, 2 Users; requires Adjacent Trees
Mason Workshop - Grants 2 free Build actions
    2x2, 5 Stone, 5 Wood, 1 User
Quarry - Grants 1 free Gather Stone action to user
    2x2, 1 Stone, 2 Wood, 3 Users; requires Adjacent Stones
Road - Allows Crossing between zones with a single action. Players must completely control both zones during the entire construction attempt; 20 of the Actions must be spent in each zone.
    n/a, 15 Stone, 10 Wood, Unlimited Users
Shrine - Allows user to use Train (Mystic) Actions
    2x2, 2 Stone, 2 Wood, 1 User
Tannery - Required for Gather Leather action
    2x2, 5 Stone, 3 Wood, 1 User
Target Range - Allows user to use Train (Hunter) Actions
    1x4, 1 Stone, 1 Wood, 1 User
Training Dummy - Allows user to use Train (Warrior) Actions
    1x2, 1 Stone, 2 Wood, 1 User
Watchtower - Allows user to use Lookout Action (which reveals contents of all adjacent zones)
    2x2, 2 Stone, 8 Wood, 1 User
Carpentry Workshop Structure - Grants 2 free Craft Wood Items/Weapons actions (Requires Forester Level 2)
    2x2, 5 Stone, 5 Wood, 1 User

    Intermediate Structures
    Furnace - Converts 1 Ore + 2 Wood into 1 Iron Bar (Requires 4 actions)
      2x2, 12 Stone, 1 User
    Large Granary - stores 36 Food resources
      3x3, 8 Stone, 6 Wood, Granary, 0 Users
    Large Mason's Workshop
      3x3, 5 Stone, 6 Wood, Mason's Workshop, 4 Users
    Large Carpentry Workshop
      3x3, 5 Stone, 5 Wood, Carpentry Workshop, 4 Users
    Temple - Unlocks Teaching Action
      3x3, 4 Stone, 4 Wood, Shrine, 4 Users
    Sparring Court - Unlocks Teaching Action
      3x3, 2 Stone, 4 Wood, Training Dummy, 4 Users

Craftable Items
Spoiler: show
(Requires Forester Level 2)
Wooden Spear (weapon) : +3 Offense
    1 Wood, 2 actions
Wooden Staff (weapon) : +3 Offense
    1 Wood, 2 actions
Wooden Shield (item) : +4 Defense
    1 Wood, 2 actions
Cart (item) : Requires 2 hands. Can hold any combination of 6 resources.
    3 Wood, 6 actions, NOT SAFE FOR FOOD
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Re: Equilateratoria - Reference

Postby MarbitChow » Sun May 26, 2013 12:02 pm

Monolith Images
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