Titanic Blast

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Titanic Blast

Postby WhirdCheese » Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:25 am

In this game you will play as overlord or ruler of a nation. It will primarily be facilitated through PM's

Allocate 30 points between these stats
Military: How strong your units are
Social: How many units you have
Economic: How strong your inflow of schmuckers is
Information: How much you know about the other sides
Counter-information: How little other sides know about you.

I will also need:
A name for your side
A name for the ruler/overlord
2-4 types of units
Any fluff you want to get.

I'll update this post with rules and once all sides have been chosen details that everyone knows about sides
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Re: Titanic Blast

Postby CroverusRaven » Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:53 am

The Empire of HammerFall
Ruled by Overlord Doomaxe, who shreds on his Metal Axe to Rock Out with his troops.
Nonroyal Side
Military: 12
Social: 6
Economic: 8
Information: 2
Counter-information: 2
Infantry are the Carpenters, berzerkers wielding a single large hammer, paired shorter hammers, or a hammer and metal spike, they swarm the enemy and attack with abandon, being croaked by the dozen but usually taking down an equal number of enemies. They are also effective at putting together hasty structures or siege gear.
Ranged are the Chuckers, stocky ranged units that hurl hammers at enemy heads. They are proud of their beards and sacrifice mobility for movement. Usually start as Garrison units and have to upgraded to go to the field.
Heavies are the Smiths, like Carpenters they usually wield massive hammers in one or both hands, their offhand often being a bastard sword or prongs, they are much stockier and covered in finely forged metal plates.
Siege are the Hammerams, four-wheeled machines of wood and metal usual put together by Carpenters and Smiths, these large siege engines are very hard to destroy, but are also very slow. They roll up to enemy walls and gates and proceed to set their head against the structure. Multiple hammers then begin striking the back end of the machine, acting like a pile driver.

The Empire of Hammerfall is not particularly large, but their cities are all safe within their mountain hexes, very easy to defend. The Hammerfall army usually does not travel far to do battle because of their low mobility, but often adds their forces to whomever can pay them the best and doesn't offend their honor. The stout Hammerfallians take pride in fighting, drinking, facial hair, and heavy metal. The rarely deal with magic, except anything to do with crafting or stone.
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Re: Titanic Blast

Postby Kaed » Wed Dec 05, 2012 12:09 pm

Military: 3
Social: 4
Economic: 5
Information: 8
Counter-information: 10

InfoTek Ink
Donar Vadderung
Nonroyal side
Infotek Ink is a mysterious side devoted to the collection and distribution of information and services. They employ many spies and scouts to discover more about other sides, and then resell such intelligence in a variety of prices. Much of what Infotek has is hidden, and they keep their knowledge assets under tight guard, until someone pays. If they have a greater motive, they do not share it with others.
Their infantry are really more along the lines of glorified scouts, high in move and low in combat potential. They are all well trained in hiding and wear colores that make it easy for them to blend in. This is Infotek's primary form of basic intelligence gathering.

A mid-tier unit used by Infotek are Overseers, a form of high-class scouting unit capable of flight and veiling itself.

Infotek has access to Eidolons as a high-tier unit, an exclusively male flying unit similar to Archons, that recieves specials from the following list - Leadership, Dance Fighting, and limited forms of Thinkamancy, Lookamancy, Findamancy, and Moneymancy.
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Re: Titanic Blast

Postby LTDave » Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:06 pm

Military: 8
Social: 8
Economic: 8
Information: 4
Counter-informtion: 2

The Lesser Duchy of Arbitrarium
The Little Duke Pepe

The Lesser Duchy has some simple units:

The Duke's Own Dragoons - Light Cavalry armed with repeating Crossbows, the Duke's Own can raid deep into enemy territory, and are feared by flyers and ground troops alike.

Citizen Warrior - Peasants drafted to the ranks, Citizen Warriors are armed with Pikes, Axes, Scythes - anything that comes to hand, really. Their real advantage is their bloodthirsty and rapacious nature - they can loot a farm faster than you can say, 'hey, those are my pigs you are stea..."

Heralds of the Arbitrarium - Heavy Infantry equipped with a long sword, the Heralds are the nobility (and retainers) of the Arbitrarium. Found where the battle is hottest, the Heralds declare their superiority over their enemies by yelling interesting and disparaging remarks.

(How many players do you want?)
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