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Postby vintermann » Mon Nov 14, 2011 5:26 am

Now, I realize sites need to run ads to pay for hosting costs and such, but you know, the banner ad provider this site uses now is pretty scummy? Right now I'm getting served up the kind of ads that are supposed to look like Windows Vista windows, with countdowns and "you are visitor number 10000!!!", "you have 1 message waiting for you", etc. Not actual product ads, just mindless attempts to get you to click.

I'd like to think people here are smart enough to not fall for such scams, but I'm a bit annoyed. After all, it lies - it presents itself to the naive user as being a notification from itself. Yieldmanager is apparently an ad network popular with spyware/adware writers.

How about switching ad providers to something slightly less scummy?
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