SecondLife fan art spot & no-fee payments.

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SecondLife fan art spot & no-fee payments.

Postby Contagious Republic » Fri May 29, 2009 3:18 pm

I've been on so far for a year, and I am still amazed at the fan art sharing potential of this game...

In it you can make a 3d avatar of some Erfworld characters for instance, complete with sounds and scripting and gestures and particle effects for the spell, and share them... like fans of other comics do.

If enough people show up, someone could even make a gaming system from servers, so you could play warlord (^.^) or just run some quizz on your general knowledge of Erfworld.

One of the nice feature of Secondlife is zero-fee money transfer, so if Erfworld's creators would have an avatar themselves, you could give in increments, even less than a penny and not have any fees! Of course there is a fee to take the cash out of the game, but then you can do that like only once a month then it's one fee for the entire donations that month...

I see a future where one of the sims (that's a unit of virtual land) is named Erfworld and has people logged in for various fun things, especially in "something fun to do until Erfworld updates" category. (-;

P.S.: the creators of Erfworld could login the game too, and have a conversation with the fans on their own terms - including anonymously. Or as part of a sneak preview or something like "Speak like in Erfworld day". (-;
Contagious Republic
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Re: SecondLife fan art spot & no-fee payments.

Postby fleazilla » Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:25 am

I went to SecondLife once but didnt really get it, however this sounds like it would be cool.
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