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Re: Digdoug - Episode 14

Postby bladestorm » Tue Apr 08, 2014 10:07 pm

Xarx wrote:
0beron wrote:
Taikei no Yuurei wrote:Like, back when [JoJo] saved Sylvia, he broke the rule that said an incapacitated unit croaks, but he also seemingly broke the rule that units automatically heal to full at start of turn.
Actually I think it is much simpler, now that Dove has supposedly told us how Carnymancy works in plain terms. He changed the croaking rule to "This unit can only croak from fire." Since she was out of the fire, she wasn't in danger. Failure to be healed after Incapacitation should normally croak a unit, but for her that rule no longer applies.

Then why would he have had to keep casting over her every day until she got better? It's much more likely that he was breaking the "incapacitated unit croaks at start of turn" rule, each turn until he found a way to get her healed. We still don't know the nature of the "trade" he made in order to do that, but it probably has to do with her DIAF fate.

We don't know Jojo's capacity for Carnymancy at that time. He may have been able to break both rules at the same time (one unit, breaks two rules, for one turn). He may have needed a bit more juice, so he made a trade with a thinkamancer (or another carny with thinkamancer linking abilities) to be able to break a third rule (something like "incapacitated units do not heal at the start of turn")
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Re: Digdoug - Episode 14

Postby Xarx » Tue Apr 08, 2014 10:54 pm

But incapacitated units don't heal at start of turn. They croak. So he's only breaking one rule there.
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Re: Digdoug - Episode 14

Postby Arky » Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:40 am

Trotsky wrote:
Taikei no Yuurei wrote:
Arky wrote:I see two possibilies:

1. Prince Creen goes ballistic when he discovers the ruse or discovers Dove and lashes out. He's a flying unit and seems to stay off the ground all the time, so this could well fulfil the prophecy.
I don't think Prince Creen all by himself is likely to count as a massive air attack.

But he might count as a massive HEIR attack, depending on how tricksy you think predictamancy is.

Oh, I like this. Death by pun.

What if Delkey is so steamed that they've secretly allied with Numloch and he's planning on seizing this opportunity to break alliance with Homekey the moment Numloch attacks (unaware that the "attack" is not going to be for real). The lightning trap blasts Creen, removing his leadership bonus and winning the day for Homekey.

That's one way Digdoug could get his happy ending, I guess.
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