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Postby Shai_hulud » Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:16 pm

Housellama wrote:Can't get... the Clap in Erfworld.

That we know of... Wanda did mention disease being a thing that exists I think.
Yeah, here.
IPTSF_Text_16 wrote:"Shouldn't matter, if she loves me," he pouted. Wanda did not reply, but didn't think she needed to. Love, as a force of nature, was something she knew almost nothing about. What little she'd heard and read of it was baffling and contradictory. [url]It seemed like a disease one could catch.[/url] There were different kinds, and they made you strange in different ways, often involving Loyalty. The disease was going around. Perhaps Larry had been infected, and probably Tommy had, but Wanda didn't think Olive had it.
So disease is a thing, so STDs might be to.
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