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Postby WarFAN » Wed Aug 29, 2012 1:29 pm

cheeseaholic wrote:
WarFAN wrote:
cheeseaholic wrote:
We only know the first thing for sure. .

We do know both things:

Wrong. We know that Charlie told Parson he wants Parson. We do not know if Charlie wants Parson. Frankly I think he was planning on croaking him, as it appears that Charlie has no warlords.

As for having no warlords, the archons have never even seen Charlie, so there may be some in there somewhere. I'd consider that unlikely, but it is possible that Charlie's offer was genuine and he likes to keep good warlords or other units around as advisers or to handle less extreme situations so that Charlie can deal with the more important things.

Think as you want, but do not invent things:

Charlie does want Parson. He want him so much that he bounds the RCC into capturing him for Charlescomm.
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