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Re: Book 2 – Text Updates 015

Postby davesnothere » Wed Feb 24, 2010 6:10 pm

gazes_also wrote:...
In a case like Duncan, if you have gained a new warlord it would be important to locate and remove all blocks to him acting with less that 100% loyalty to you if you want to trust his judgement and use him as soon as possible, and Jillian needed an experienced Warlord (here's a thought - that might have been the primary objective in attacking Jitterati). ...

The attack on Jitterati got Jillian several things;
- besides for the warlord,
- eliminate a nearby side and gain their resources and territory, thus buffering the core of FAQ even more
- alliance and help of the mountain giants

I suspect that Charlie scouted the idea out and suggested it to her, having already set her up with Vanna. He knew what she could do.
And we've believe that Charlie is behind the issue of the missing gobwins, a similar issue to the mountain giants.
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I am a Tool!
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Re: Book 2 – Text Updates 015

Postby dan2178 » Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:03 pm

My hunch on Trem is that he had at least one older brother. This older brother was heir and was croaked. After the older brother was killed, Slately chose Ansom instead of Trem as the new heir. The only reason I think this is that if Trem was Slately's first son then he would have likely become heir right away and as he isn't stupid, would have likely stayed as heir when Ansom and Oss were popped.
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