The Magic Kingdom Conspiracy (Interactive Improv)

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The Magic Kingdom Conspiracy (Interactive Improv)

Postby MarbitChow » Tue May 01, 2012 2:59 pm

Since we've got a month until the next update, it's time we get off our asses and make our own. I propose using this forum to create a scene in which various never-before-seen members of the Magic Kingdom gather to discuss what is to be done about Gobwin Knob and Toolism. Each poster should create one persona, and you are responsible for their speeches alone within the scene.

The scene takes place in a remote auditorium in the Magic Kingdom, normally used for philosophic discussions. Various magical spells have been cast to ensure secrecy, as well as hippiemancy to prevent tempers from flaring too far out of control.


Ash looked over the assembled muttering crowd, feeling more than a little bit nervous. Never a fan of public speaking at the best of times, the Florist had trouble summoning the will to call the various casters' attention to himself. He cleared his throat, then cleared it again, more loudly. Finally, he sighed, and whistled loudly. The crowd grew silent, and all eyes turned to face him.

"I've spoken to each of you individually. I've asked you all here together because we all agree on one thing: something must be done about Gobwin Knob," Ash began. "Damn right, Ashbury!" someone shouted from the back. Ash winced; he hated his first name. It reminded him of graves and immolated bodies, but try as he might, he couldn't convince anyone to call him Mr. Haight; he never seemed to command that much respect.

"Although we may be united to a common cause," Ash continued, "we have yet to decide on any method of making a difference. It goes without saying that I would prefer a peaceful solution, but Stanley's and Wanda's actions have made that appear impossible. In lieu of a peaceful solution, I think we're all willing to entertain a final solution. So, are there any suggestions?"
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Re: The Magic Kingdom Conspiracy (Interactive Improv)

Postby LTDave » Tue May 15, 2012 3:00 pm

"Direct Intervention."
Eyes turned to Milton, a brownish math-a-mancer. His dull grey eyes looked back impassively.
"There are hundreds, if not thousands, of unemployed mancers here in the Kingdom, waiting for a job in the real Erf. Why not just volunteer? Open the gate to the Jetstone capital, and head on through. Do what you can, then come back to the Kingdom before their turn ends, so you don't have to pay maintenance."
He coughed, then lifted his head.
"My side was wiped six hundred turns ago. Not that turns mean anything, here. I've had two or three temp jobs since then, enough to pay the piper. I wouldn't be much use in a combat situation, per se, but I'd be willing to go and provide my services free of charge, if there are some battle-mancers willing to come and keep me from getting cwoaked. Ceteris Paribus, of course."
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Re: The Magic Kingdom Conspiracy (Interactive Improv)

Postby LTDave » Tue May 15, 2012 4:19 pm

[so I says to myself, Mabel, I says, what this thread needs (apart from responses) is some art. Of course, it's the middle of the night and all I have is some colouring pencils and a digital camera, but here we are...]
[Milton holds forth, watched by a Caddie-Mancer and a Muscle-Mancer]
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Re: The Magic Kingdom Conspiracy (Interactive Improv)

Postby Fjord » Thu May 16, 2013 6:10 pm

He had only been popped thirty-three turns ago, but he was already adept class. The only of his kind in the Magic Kingdom.
It had been his Kings hope that a caster of his sort could hold of the inevitable onslaught from their neighbours, if not indefinitely, then atleast until King Mac Ronal could work his famous diplomacy.
His side had been rather unique, he knew, in being one of the few sides in the world capable of producing an abundance of cheap heavies to sell as food to other kingdoms. A tri-link consisting of a turnamancer and a dittomancer was able to turn out an incredible amount of BuwgerCows, heavies that yielded a high amount of food, but had almost no combat capabilities. A changemancer had by accident transformed the sides native ability to make Bwison permanently once a long time ago, and when she couldn't reverse it she was disbanded on the spot. King Ronal was a harsh ruler, but he was also shrewd. When he noticed the high yield, he began popping the beasts and selling them to other sides at bargain prices.
Unfortunably, this proved a fatal mistake for the side. Eager to get in on the Business, FastFoods<allies turned against them. That was when Bone Meal was popped, a croakamancer, an equal blessing and curse. His abilities to uncroak the BuwgerCows gave them some respite, but in the end it was for naught.
Now he found himself at the broadest meeting in the history of The Magic Kingdom he was aware of. And everyone was staring at him.

He was suddenly very attentive of the words coming out of his mouth. When did he start his speech? A looong time ago: ".. it would seem that this Miss Firebaugh uses the 'Pliers to add Life to Croakamancy. Theoretically, a link between a Florist or a Healomancer or even a Carnymancer and a Croakamancer should be able to replicate the effect, but I can't be sure. They would have to be Masterclass at the very minimum. And then there's the problem with the Impossible Unit Types. Convention says that it should be impossible to uncroak something without a will. This raises the question: Can she raise casters that can... cast?..."
He breathed deeply and stared around the square. It was eerily silent. He suddenly realized that it was the first time for most of these casters. That they heard a Croakamancer describe his discipline, that is.
Bone Meal knew what he needed to say, but somehow he couldn't. He knew exactly how they would react, but he had to. He HAD to.
"And that leads us on to the original point. If we openly works against Gobwin Knob, and breaks the sworn neutrality, can Miss Firebaugh wade in, possibly under some disguise from their foolamancer, and begin turning casters. She could wipe out the place with some Luckamancy and a ... a perfect warlords plan" he said the last words with as much gravity as he could.
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