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High Praise Indeed

Postby Mr.Thylus » Wed May 08, 2013 9:59 am

Let me start by saying stories teach us how to think about the world. You know the saying, "you are what you eat?" Your body is created out of the foodstuff you consume. I think we are what we read, as well. The mind breaks down stories and turns them into the component metaphors with which we think about the world. Good stories can change people. Good stories, with the power to reach multitudes, can change the world. I think in a sense they're the only thing that can.

So, with that in mind, thank you Rob and Xin for making the world a better place.

There is a lot of awesome in Erfworld, and funny and dramatic and more. But specifically, there are some pretty powerful and very rare ideas here. Like Olive, who's primary sin is contempt... she doesn't see herself as a bad person because she assumes she knows better than the Titans themself. You show the power of contempt to lay waste to worlds.

Or Jilian, a heroine (no reference intended) who is kick ass competent and a masochist! There's a concept to shake the pillars of heaven! I want to see this become such a common character archetype it gets a TV Trope page.

And how you've created a world of endless war with no bad guys. I mean, not no bad guys ... but nobody who's, well, evil for the sake of being evil. Nobody's a villain only because the plot needed one [that we know of].

Anyway, I just want to say I think Erfworld is important work. It matters. I hope, Rob and Xin, that people say that to you all the time. Either way, I'll say it here.
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