Loyalty of a decrypted

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Loyalty of a decrypted

Postby TokraZeno » Tue May 07, 2013 1:37 am

Until recently, it seemed that Wanda had assumed that the pliers completely overrode Loyalty stats. Now it would seem that this is only the case when Wanda is in the region (I don't want to say Hex, because it might only be the shift to the magic kingdom that let him turn). Here's my thoughts on how decrypted loyalty works

- Decrypted maintain their previous memories however their personalities can shift dramatically (Popped Again Ansom)
- It seems to me that Wanda's thoughts towards the unit influence the post-decryption loyalty
Evidence: Wanda didn't care for Ossomer, decrypting only to gain information. Obvious dislike for him, ordering him to call her Commander not Mistress. Those who were acquired at GK seem to share her ideology a lot more closely, when she was convinced she was convinced they were 'something glorious'

Conclusion: Decrypted loyalty when wanda isn't around is a function of;
- Her state at time of decryption
- Her emotions towards the unit at time they risk turning
- All normal loyalty influences
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Re: Loyalty of a decrypted

Postby Shai_hulud » Tue May 07, 2013 11:53 am

Where as I suspect it doesn't control loyalty at all. It was Ansoms way of losing the fight, and the way people acted toward Ossomer that produced the results I would guess. Ansom had his can kicked all over the place by anti royalists who recruited him after he not only failed to attune, but caused the chief castor he was trying to croak to attune instead, thus saving his "life." Where as Ossomer still believed in the royal mandate, and was treated like crap by his new teammates while his family constantly shamed him and begged him to come home. I think Wanda never had control to begin with.
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