Inner Peace (Through Superior Firepower) – Episode 015

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Inner Peace (Through Superior Firepower) – Episode 015

Postby multilis » Sun Dec 11, 2011 12:04 am

Dawn flashed in the horizon, and a sudden gust of wind from above started Wanda. She looked up to see a blond warlord riding a huge bird of some sort.

"Hi, my name is Jillian, I am a mercenary for hire. Is there something to stab here?"

Wanda, startled with embarrassment and newfound love explained she would love to croak stuff herself but the chillaxe made it impossible. "Then lets smash it!" exclaimed the no nonsense blond. So smash it they did. Though sadly Wanda could somehow feel the effects of the magic would not wear off till end of next turn.

"I have also another problem," Wanda sadly explained, "fate wants the enemy florist boop to be my head caster, and is doing some sort of luckomancy boop to make it happen" Jillian smiled "You are a croakomancer, right? This one is easy, I'll be back in a minute"

Sure enough Jillian was back in a minute, this time dangling a head from one hand, blood still dripping from the cleaved neck. "Too easy, they can't fight back! Now all you have to do is uncroak it." Down the ball of blood and hair was tossed beside Wanda.

Wanda quickly went to work, uncroaking the florists head. "Oh great head", Wanda laughed, "how can I serve you today?"

Suddenly the sky darkened, and a deep, strange voice came out of the head: "Wanda! Wanda! I am Fate, and you must serve me. Do as I say and I will give you much more uncroaking and let you do much spanking in many dungeons. But rebel and I will spank you and make you uncroak the ones you love and inflict on you boredom and peace and philosophies till you wish you were this Florists slave. Now go forth with the crazy blond warlord and do much croaking!"

The voice was gone, the sky brightened and Wanda startled, wondered what was real. She looked at the blond, she could see a strange look of both fright and excitement. The blond flew off on her bird, to a gathering crowd of men below. A few minutes she returned, her purse bulging full of shmuckers.

"I told them I would croak them all unless the paid me to leave.", explained the blond. "Now hop on the back. We have a full day ahead of us and I haven't had a good spanking in a long time!"

Wanda grabbed the still bloody uncroaked head and did as she was told.


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