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Love this comic

Postby xerxes » Tue Jun 09, 2009 5:25 am

With the current story line capped up, I just really wanted to come in and say how much I enjoy this series. Erfworld is hands down the best webcomic I've discovered in years. The art is wonderful with a truly unique and beautiful style. I love the idea of every amateur gamers dream come true. Thrown into a world where the game rules apply, and finally your hours and hours of pouring over those rule books and boards are truly useful :)

I read your post on the OOTS site about how you almost didn't finish the first book. Some people can never do anything but complain. I wish I had found erfworld sooner and showed my support then. But I'm certainly glad some people got on the ball.

Great comic. Glad to have it. I try and share it as often as I can. Can't wait to see what Parson can do as a PC. :)
Thanks Erfworld
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