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Postby Eliah » Sun May 31, 2009 11:37 pm

Been reading for a year abouts, figured it was time to come out of lurking for at least one time.

Erfworld is truly something unique: composed elegantly, conceptually beautiful, executed professionally, and drawn with quite a flare. Being a critic (everyone with an ass is one, you know) I will say the plot is not original - but then again, Shakespeare wasn't either - as the saying goes nothing has been original since the dawn of time. Or some such thing. However, plots are merely pretext for the good stuff. Character development is phenomenal compared to any but the best of webcomics, or indeed any comic (including Graphic Novels and Superhero/ect franchises). On par with authentic novelettes. The setting is constructed in a well-thought out manner (being made on the spot or planned regardless - as most great works are hardly ever planned beforehand). Action and conflict is subtle and smooth yet vibrant and exciting, and meld into respective plots and personalities seemlessly.

It has been nothing but a pleasure to read Erfworld. Some day I hope to see it in a local game/comic shop with a shiney cover and the smell of newly printed pages, waiting for me to read it all over again.

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