FoxMUD - the mud, not the side

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FoxMUD - the mud, not the side

Postby vintermann » Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:56 am

Anyone else tried it?

I used to do a little mudding in the mid-nineties (to the degree that's possible - at least exposure to the MUD virus has left me somewhat immune to the MMPORPG virus), on a mud called Shadowdale. I wanted to look into what has happened with it, and sadly that one appears to be gone. So I wanted to have a look at another one. Remembering that what I enjoyed most about mudding was exploring well-written zones.I thought FoxMUD might be worth looking at, since Rob Balder apparently designed some zones there. If I understood it correctly he played the immortal Talisman, who is known for such creations as a giant sand castle on the beach filled with crab people, and a gallery where the paintings can be convinced to come alive.

It doesn't appear to be heavily visited these days, but if you're like me, who mud for watching the scenery than team-type gaming, that's not a problem. My newly created character there is called Sorchak, I expect I will be online evenings (local time for me, I'm in UCT + 1) in the coming week, I'd love to share what I've found (or help introducing someone new to muds).
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